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Residental Architecture

At KCA, the custom home design process is an energetic and comprehensive collaboration between the owner and our team. Our goal is to craft a home specifically tailored to you, your property and its context, and your financial framework.
Together with you, we will explore the best possible solutions to ensure the final result is a home that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and taste.       

Amenities / Commercial Architecture

Throughout his career, Kevin Culhan has designed clubhouses and other amenity buildings; small to mid-size office buildings; apartments and condos, and residential and commercial up-fit.  The results have been buildings that are graceful, efficient, and practical.   

Multi-Family Architecture

Multi-family residence design is always exciting for us. We craft designs that offer optimal unit planning, unit mix and amenity strategies, both inside and out. In all our work, we create environments for distinct lifestyles, integrating this vision from overall project concept to the finest architectural details. 
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